ADHD Expertise in Fort Collins, Colorado

ADHD experts at NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado in Fort Collins help children and adults learn life-long skills.

We believe parents and the healthcare community should closely follow best-practice guidelines to ensure ADHD diagnoses are made based on sound data. There are many issues that can mimic ADHD.  We see children and adults who “look ADHD” to others. Thus, it’s important to consult with a healthcare provider with the broad neurodevelopmental training needed to accurately rule-in or rule-out ADHD. Ruling out ADHD often helps identify an underlying issue (e.g., learning, sensory, medical or emotional) that should also be addressed.

ADHD Evaluation:

ADHD is too often diagnosed elsewhere with a simple description of behavior. This does not satisfy the best-practice guidelines for ADHD diagnosis established by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  This guideline states that ADHD evaluation “should include assessment for other conditions”. Clinicians at the NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado assess information processing, academic foundations, social/emotional status and any other areas that may be contributing to impulsivity and off-task behavior.

ADHD is by definition a developmental issue that becomes evident during early childhood. As such, clinicians at NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado spend time talking with parents to understand the patient’s behavioral history. It is critical to consider whether ADHD symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity or impulsivity have changed over time or coincided with major health, family or social adjustments.

History, behavior ratings, clinical observations and test results (in relation to age-norms) all factor into consideration of ADHD at the NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado.  At this clinic, ADHD is not a “catch-all” or investigated any less rigorously than other developmental concerns.

ADHD Treatment:

ADHD treatment at the NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado in Fort Collins is customized and based on research-proven methods. The ADHD system we have developed has been called “a game changer” and “so easy any family can use it.”  It eliminates the need for constant verbal reminders (e.g., “Brush your teeth,” “Start your homework”). While these daily reminders may keep a child with ADHD afloat, this is not the ideal long-term approach. Our ADHD specialists have helped hundreds of children develop enduring life skills. Our family-focused ADHD system, developed by Dr.  Aaron Skalicky, has also been used within the Kaiser Permanente Heath System.