Children’s Hospital Expertise

 NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado offers uncommon expertise. This includes training from some of America’s leading children’s hospitals.

  • Complex developmental, learning and mental health cases are communicated to parents and children in ways that are easily understood.
  • Collaboration among members of the clinical team is part of our model of care.
  • NCC’s services follow best practice guidelines from the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics and American Psychological Association
  • NCC’s clinical team evaluates patients from kindergarten to adulthood.
  • Evaluations include the Autism Diagnostic Evaluation Schedule (ADOS-2) when appropriate.
  • The clinical team communicates with teachers regularly. Parents receive expert help with IEP and 504 plans.
  • Clinicians take the time to listen to parents and children before making clinical decisions.
  • NCC families receive practical, best-practice solutions. They leave the review of testing appointment understanding exactly what to do next.

A comprehensive evaluation is a major commitment for your family. Don’t chance it! Get it done right the first time at the NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado!

Evaluations at the NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado include many of the same techniques used in leading children’s hospitals.