Adaptive Skills

NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado provides a detailed assessment of adaptive skills that is often a vital component of the comprehensive evaluation. It is relevant in the understanding of developmental concerns, including autism, as well as life-span issues including dementia and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

An assessment of adaptive skills is often necessary for a client to access appropriate services in the community or in school. It provides a baseline measure of functioning that can later be used to gauge progress in communication, socialization, safety, and other self-help behaviors.

Adaptive skill assessment gives parents, caretakers and educators an inventory of behaviors that can be targeted for intervention. It can help the team focus on individual behaviors that can eventually be combined to facilitate more complex actions. Regardless of an individual’s challenges, there are always opportunities to improve functional independence. 

We help patients access case managers and service providers, such as Foothills Gateway, Envision and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation