Dr. Aaron Skalicky

Dr. Aaron Skalicky

Comprehensive test results will be most valuable to you when they are generated and interpreted correctly. Don’t chance it!

  • Graduate of the University of Notre Dame.
  • Specialized neuropsychology training at the Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins Medical Campus.
  • Lead graduate clinician at the University of Georgia Center for Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology.
  • Member of NIH-funded research team investigating ADHD and learning disabilities.
  • Expertise in IEP’s, 504’s and other educational resources as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.
  • Evaluation mentor and supervisor for psychologists.
  • Developer of behavioral health software used within Kaiser Permanente.
  • Consultant to school districts, government agencies and medical groups.

Since founding the NeuroDevelopment Center of CO in 2007, Dr. Skalicky has been the physician’s choice. 100+ healthcare providers have referred their patients to him for high quality evaluations. Word-of-mouth recommendations have also drawn families from throughout Colorado and 8 other states.

Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart has a background in social work and in-depth knowledge of the evaluation process at the NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado. For the past decade, Amy has been connecting with people who reach out to the clinic seeking information and services. Amy expertly manages all aspects of the front office and will be happy to help with scheduling and any requests for clinical or financial records. She has a gift for helping people of all ages feel at ease and will be happy to meet you in person!