How is NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado unique?

The clinical team at NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado is led by psychologists with specialized training. In-depth understanding of brain development, learning and behavior allows NCC to grasp the uniqueness of each client. All tutoring is also provided by professionals with advanced degrees.

NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado is a research-informed clinic. You won’t find one-size-fits-all approaches to evaluation, tutoring or therapy. Evaluation data is used to rule-out possibilities until that which truly matters becomes the focus. This allows clinicians and parents to select strategies that are most likely to get results.

More than 80 physicians and other health care providers refer patients for evaluation at NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado.

Please note: there are no out-of-pocket costs for Wyoming Medicaid families.

Equipt, LLC

Some of the services families receive at NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado will soon be delivered with an easy-to-use smartphone app!  Equipt, LLC is developing this innovative software. Please call the office (970) 282-4428 if you would like to join our waiting list for the fist release!