See below for a list of our more frequently asked questions.

What is NCC's approach?

NCC’s providers have experience working in developmental centers and schools. The clinic utilizes a Children’s Hospital evaluation model. This ensures that testing is sufficiently broad to identify underlying strengths and weaknesses that may not be apparent during more general testing. NCC’s providers are able to take a client’s unique developmental history into proper consideration.

NCC’s evaluation approach aligns with best practice standards.

Why evaluate?

It is often easy to notice when someone is struggling, but usually more difficult to determine the cause and the best way to help. Tests that have been validated through research provide data with which to make these determinations.

Who interprets test results at NCC?

NCC’s specialists are highly trained and often consult one another during the interpretation of test results. Data is very important, but we also focus on context. NCC firmly believes that each client is so much more than a collection of test scores.

Can families who live outside Colorado receive NCC’s services?

Families travel to NCC from several states to receive evaluation. We are happy to assist our out-of-state families in any way we can.

Why is there sometimes a waiting list to be seen at NCC?

There are relatively few specialists equipped to provide excellent developmental evaluations. NCC continually screens applicants from across the U.S. We strive to limit our waiting list, but only when it won’t compromise our high standard of quality.

What is the NCC Learning Clinic?

The Learning Clinic is a dyslexia and learning disability center within NCC.   The NCC team develops a learning plan specific to each student. A Master’s level teacher provides fun and effective one-to-one instruction. Parents are welcome to schedule a free consultation with a Learning Clinic Instructor.

Please call our front office with any other questions: (970-282-4428). We will be happy to provide answers.