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More than 85 pediatricians and other health care providers refer patients to NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado.

NCC's clinical experts understand school issues and have worked in some of America's best children's hospitals.

Families from Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and across Colorado have received help at NCC.


• Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

• Verbal & Visual Problem-Solving

• Processing Speed

• Behavior & Attention

• Reading, Writing & Math

• Memory

• Communication

• Social & Independent Skills

• Executive Functioning

• Sensory Development

• Emotional Health

• Motor Skills


The NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado is an independent clinic. It serves children with a wide range of developmental, learning and behavioral challenges. NCC's Psychologists have trained in some of the nation's leading medical centers and recognize the value of a broad evaluation. NCC's evaluations often assess cognitive abilities, academic skills, communication and emotional/behavioral status. More specialized testing of memory, executive functions and Autism-specific characteristics is also available.

The NeuroDevelopment Center of Colorado provides follow-up educational and behavioral services. All interventions are tailored to meet individual needs. NCC's specialists maintain close communication with pediatricians and other medical professionals. Parents and teachers are empowered to become part of the solution.

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